Automation R & D inc. is a full-service machine design and manufacturing company. We have served the manufacturing industry for over 30 years. Automation R&D inc. specializes in custom design solutions and implementation of automated solutions for manufacturing companies throughout North America



Custom Machined Fixtures 

Our CNC Mills, Lathes, Shear, and Breakpress in combination with our other typical machine shop tools allow us to fabricate Custom Machined Fixtures. Our fixtures have been used in welding applications, part positioners, and NDT applications. We frequently custom-design fixtures for our larger projects, for example: X-Ray tube mounts for our Vaults and part positioners in assembly machines.


We can design and manufacture fixtures in stand-alone small jobs or incorporate them into our larger jobs. 

PLC Programming

Extensive PLC programming experience ranging from simple ladder logic to complex motion control using a variety of PLC Manufactures (Automation Direct, Allen Bradley, Seimens, etc…)


We take on a variety of PLC projects, Some that consist only of PLC Programing, and others that are a mix of integration of specific components or electrical enclosure builds. 


Automated System Modifications and Machine Refurbishment

Improve existing automated systems with a focus on safety, efficiency, and ergonomics. As well as, Integrate modern automation technology into otherwise antiquated systems


Modifications and refurbishment of machines have been as simple as adding a light curtain with making the necessary program changes to replacing antiquated motors with servo motors and drives. 

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