Automation R & D Inc,

In Pursuit of Simplicity

Established 1983 by George T. Rogers as Automation Accessories, Inc. specializing in automated machine solutions. As the business expanded we changed our name to Automation R & D, Inc. in 2002 to better reflect our broadened services. Today Automation R & D, Inc. provides an ever-growing range of machine design solutions, offering objective design, build, and implementation drawing from 39 years of broad industrial experience.

Our Services

Automated Systems for Manufacturing

We design, build and install customized automated systems.

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Non Destructive Testing Systems

We provide non-destructive testing solutions specializing in X-ray vaults. We also have experience in dye-penetrant and magnetic particle inspection. 

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Automatic Welding and Welding Fixture Machines

We develop and build fully automated welding systems and weldment fixtures that aid operators in welded assemblies

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